The following are some of the projects I have worked on recently

Examples of recent projects

Housing Support Needs and Outcomes of Homeless Households in Angus

Angus Council

Working as part of an Indigo House Group team to fully understand the support needs of homeless households in Angus to ensure the Council, the Angus Health and Social Care Partnership and other partners can meet the objectives of rapid rehousing, namely preventing homelessness and ensuring sustainable housing outcomes for those who become homeless.  The project's objectives were to:

  • Understand the support needs of homeless households in Angus, including current and projected future needs 
  • Map existing support services 
  • Assess how effective existing support services are in meeting the needs of homeless households in Angus 
  • Assess the effectiveness of the current models of supported homeless accommodation in Angus 
  • Identify gaps in support services for homeless households in Angus 
  • Make recommendations to effectively meet the support needs of homeless households in Angus 

Policy Review


Working with the care and housing support subsidiary of Link Group to review a suite of social care and housing support, health and safety, risk management, customer care and complaints policies to ensure compliance with best-practice standards and current legislative, regulatory and operational requirements as well as EQIA and PIA assurance.

Interim Housing Management and Consultancy
Melville Housing Association

Provided interim line management of Melville’s housing services team, comprising 9 staff (5 housing officers, 2 arrears officers and 2 specialist welfare benefits advisors) whilst a new Housing Services Manager was recruited. Responsibilities included undertaking a review of current service delivery, and reviewing housing policies and procedures to ensure compliance with legislative requirements and overseeing and directing routine housing management service operations. 

​Advice on Intergenerational Housing and Age-Friendly Places in Town Centres
Architecture & Design Scotland

Provided bespoke advice to A&DS in testing the value proposition of a planned event for their Public Sector Clients Forum, including researching and identifying background issues, identifying key stakeholders, initial discussions with thought leaders, government officials, practitioners and academics and other specialists in the fields of older peoples’ housing, intergenerational housing, planning, placemaking, regeneration. Outputs delivered will underpin the delivery of the planned event in Spring 2019.

Rapid Rehousing Transition Plan

City of Edinburgh Council

Working as part of an Indigo House Group team particularly focused on developing the support needs element of the City's draft Rapid Rehousing Transition Plan, in line with Scottish Government guidance. This involved establishing a range of methods to change the current housing system, working out the investment requirements in terms of housing supply, change in service, and requirements in housing support / wraparound support, and the timescales to deliver the Plan. It also included a full analysis of other options (beyond new supply) which could contribute to the required change in temporary accommodation supply, e.g. long-term supported accommodation, community hosting etc.

Evaluation of Stepping Stones for Families' Family Wellbeing Service, Glasgow

Glasgow Centre for Population Health

Working with Nick Hopkins Housing Consultancy and Craigforth Consultancy, OIHCS undertook a qualitative evaluation of the impact of the Stepping Stones Family Wellbeing Service, which offers holistic support to parents of children attending nurseries in disadvantaged neighbourhoods in the North West and North East of Glasgow. The evaluation was based on the perspectives of three key sets of stakeholders; the parents using the Service, staff in the eight nurseries where the Service is based, and Stepping Stones senior staff and Family Wellbeing Workers involved in the delivery of the Service itself.  

Guidance on Rapid Rehousing Transition Plans

Scottish Government’s Homeless and Rough Sleeping Action Group (HARSAG) and Social Bite
As part of the Indigo House Group team commissioned to deliver guidance for Scotland’s local authorities in transitioning to a Rapid Rehousing approach coupled to Housing First provision, this project entailed working with all 32 Scottish local authorities to gather data and views about their respective capacity and capability to transition to a rapid rehousing approach to homelessness. This required considerable effort in coordinating data collection and interviews with all relevant senior service personnel, as well as selected strategic partners, working to a very tight timescale.

Housing Needs Assessment

East Ayrshire Council
As part of the Indigo Housing Group team selected to undertake a new housing needs assessment for East Ayrshire Council, OIHCS was responsible for setting up, facilitating and reporting back on a series of stakeholder consultations (arranged around pre-selected and themed focus groups) to inform on local perceptions of housing need and aspiration across the East Ayrshire and broader Ayrshire housing market areas.

Evaluation of the Home Hub Initiative

Horizon Housing Association
The Home Hub Initiative was a seven-month partnership pilot which ran between September 2015 and March 2016 involving Horizon Housing Association, Care and Repair Edinburgh and St John’s Hospital, Livingston with the principal aim of exploring how involving a housing organisation in broader, ongoing service improvements to the health and social care delivery system across the NHS Lothian area might help to address delayed discharges, reduce or prevent readmissions and support community-based assessment of patients in West Lothian. The evaluation study provided an overview of the Home Hub Initiative in terms of explaining: the original objectives and intentions of the project and the elements of the project Horizon ended up running; the specific barriers and how these were overcome, along with what helped and what hindered partnership working; the difference the project made in the eyes of different stakeholders; and the key outcomes of the Home Hub Initiative, what practically was achieved, what the costs were and what lessons were learned.

Tackling Poverty in Renfrewshire: Anti-Poverty Strategy

Renfrewshire Council
In association with Anna Evans Housing Consultancy, OIHCS provided extensive research services to identify and highlight good practice examples from across the United Kingdom and Ireland to inform the development of an anti-poverty strategy for a Renfrewshire, by undertaking a large scale literature review and several follow-up practitioner interviews to build case study profiles of best practice in anti-poverty initiatives.

Housing Need & Aspiration: The Role of Mid-Market Rent

Chartered Institute of Housing Scotland/Wheatley Group
Worked with the Anna Evans Housing Consultancy team on this CIH Scotland/ Wheatley Group project which examined the strategic drivers of mid-market rent (MMR) housing development, tested public perceptions of MMR, and evaluated the attractiveness of MMR as an attractive option for a wider range of customers, such as young people, older people or families, and its fit with wider strategic housing goals.